This is a list of external resources that have been compiled by Caste Aside/Peacock Moon Productions. We are not the authors/creators of this material, unless stated otherwise. 


  • Against Caste in British Law: A Critical Perspective on the Caste Discrimination Provision in the Equality Act 2010 (Prakash Shah)

  • An Ancient System of Caste: How the British law against caste depends on Orientalism (Prakash Shah)

Online resources


Our interviewees (extra footage from the Caste Aside documentary) - COMING SOON

  • "Ravidasi and Valmiki are not castes" (Satish Sharma, Anil Bhanot)

  • "Caste legislation as a colonial concept" (Satish Sharma)

  • "This is bad law" (Satish Sharma)

  • "Caste discrimination is already covered by UK law" (Anil Bhanot)

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