This is a list of external resources that have been compiled by Caste Aside/Peacock Moon Productions. We are not the authors/creators of this material, unless stated otherwise. 

Online resources



Our interviewees (extra footage from the Caste Aside documentary) - COMING SOON

  • "What caste means to British-Asians" (Meena Dhanda)

  • "Caste and young British-Asians" (Meena Dhanda)

  • "Bringing in caste legislation will not create further social tension" (Sat Pal Muman)

  • "Society evolves and it's the government's duty to listen" (Sat Pal Muman)

  • "We don't need to define caste to legislate on it" (Sat Pal Muman, Meena Varma, Annapurna Waughray)

  • "Enumeration of caste is not necessary" (Meena Dhanda)

  • "There is an ignorance surrounding caste legislation" (Meena Dhanda)

  • "Numbers of Dalits in the UK" (Annapurna Waughray)

  • "Implementing the legislation" (Annapurna Waughray)

  • "The government is obliged to implement caste law" - (Saunvedan Aparanti)

  • "Caste is not a British colonial invention" (Saunvedan Aparanti)

  • "Hindu scripture punishment for Shudras" (Saunvedan Aparanti)

  • "Case studies" (Meena Dhanda, Annapurna Waughray)

  • Begraj case study (Meena Varma, Annapurna Waughray)

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